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Global anti-aging 360º

AgeDefense an exclusive personalized treatment in single-dose phases with an advanced 360° anti-aging system with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY combined with the benefits of the Algae Peel-off PREBIOTIC IONISABLE MASK a state-of-the-art mask that allows the use of electroporation and ionization techniques thanks to its conductivity

Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and other technologically advanced natural active ingredients, with which AgeDefense acts in a revolutionary way by strengthening the skin’s first defensive barrier creating a protective shield against time, fighting all the signs associated with aging from inside and out.

It takes care of your skin inside and out thanks to the action of innovative natural active ingredients with natural anti-aging effects that slow, prevent and correct the signs of aging, keeping the skin young and healthy.

Avant-garde natural cosmetics to achieve a perfect skin

Who is this for?

Suitable for all skin types, including amongst others delicate, reactive and blemished ones, for those who wish to prevent or fight against the signs of aging with notable results. Unisex formula.


Strengthens the skin’s first defensive barrier.

Forming a protective shield against pollution and preventing oxidation.

Improves the skin’s biosensoral capacity.

Stimulating collagen synthesis and improving keratinocyte cohesion.

It accelerates the process of cell renewal.

An optimal mix of moisturisation and nutrition.


Stops, prevents and improves the already visible signs of aging.

Strengthened and balanced skin.

Protected, healthy and radiant face.

Redensified, turgid skin. Diminishes the quantity and depth of wrinkles.

Renewed and radiant skin.

Intensely moisturized and nourished skin with a silky-smooth texture.

Active ingredients


Active ingredient (Lactococcus lactis) probiotic technology that stimulates the skin’s biosensoral capacity, helping it to adapt quickly and effectively to external aggression. It strengthens the skin’s defenses turning them into an alarm system against external damage responding to possible attacks annulling their effects on the skin.
It acts positively on the speed and quality of epidermal growth. The production of essential proteins and enzymes related to the quality of the skin is increased.


A new nutritious dry oil complex, formulated with olive, almond and apricot oils, combined with Korean licorice extract giving the skin an exquisite texture and significant anti free radical power.


Plantago-aquatica rhizome alisma peptides (aquatic plant). An active ingredient which, by means of a similar mechanism to that of probiotics, causes an overall improvement of the skin’s mechanical and biological barrier.

Application phase


Preparatory phase: Renovating-perfecting.

Exfoliating gel formulated with LIME CAVIAR. An innovative natural chemical peeling product with a similar pH to our skin. It removes dead cells and toxins. It improves skin microrelief and unifies tone.

Time 6 min approx.


The defensive, restructuring and illuminating phase

Formulated with a D-PROTECT and JAPANESE CEDAR extract. It strengthens and prepares the skin to fight pathogen substances responsible for aging. It accelerates the reconstruction and improves epidermal cell cohesion. It polishes the micro-contour of the skin illuminating the face

Time 6 min approx.


360°anti-aging phase

Emulsion formulated with a PRO&PREBIOTIC complex, an active ingredient that fights from inside and out all the signs associated with aging. The extraordinary anti-aging effect of this active ingredient is complemented by the innovative ultra moisturizing active ingredient and carrier JOJOBA & BEE WAX formulated with jojoba wax and bee wax, POLLU-BLOCK, detoxifying- antipollution active ingredient and DRY OIL COMPLEX, a nutritious dry oil complex with anti-free radical power.

Time 8 min approx.


Protective-nourishing phase

Cream with SKINADAPT with PROBIOTIC technology that stimulates the skin’s biosensoral capacity and improves the quality of epidermal growth. This phase highlights the DRY OIL complex, formulated with olive, almond and apricot oils, combined with Korean licorice extract with important anti free radical power. The ACTIDEFENSE active ingredient causes an overall improvement of the skin’s physical and biological barrier and maintains an optimum moisturization level. As a result, there is an improvement in the appearance of the wrinkles

Time 8 min approx.


Prebiotic Ionisable Mask

360° ANTI-AGE face mask with IONISABLE technology. Innovative mask formulated with PREBIOTICS lactose rich lactic acid, minerals and vitamins A and B. It gives the face an innovative and potent overall anti-aging effect. It reinforces the skin’s natural defenses, intensely moisturizing and invigorating the same.
It allows you to use iontophoresis technique by getting the ionisable active ingredients to penetrate to deeper levels, thereby enhancing their properties

Tiempo 20 min. aprox.


360°anti-aging phase

Formulated with a PRO & PREBIOTIC complex, a global 360° anti-aging active ingredient which strengthens the skin’s first defensive barrier and fights all the signs associated with aging from inside and out. DRY OIL complex nourishing and anti-free radical active ingredient. JOJOBA & BEESWAX a carrier and long-lasting moisturizer.  POLLU-BLOCK prevents the negative effect UV radiation, air pollution and chemical agents have on the skin. It keeps the skin in a protective bubble also it facilitates profound detoxification due to the toxin blocking action and its elimination.

“An avant-garde tendency in cosmetics that extracts the best of science and nature to offer you an innovative and exclusive cosmetic collection”