Blancing Moisturizing Cream 30ml + Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect 15ml + Ionic Eye Massager

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The perfect combination for an ideal gift.

Insde the Beauty Box you’ll find the most complete beauty routine: 4 different collections contained in a beautiful limited-edition box.

Choose the moisturizing cream that is most suited to your skin’s needs. Choose your favorite Beauty Box!


Balancing Moisturizing Cream: Light-textured face cream. Optimal combination of active ingredients like GOJI BERRY Extract, the Himalayan superfruit that helps to prevent the first signs of aging.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect:Light-textured emulsion with a high concentration of active ingredients designed to globally treat the eye contour: firms, helps promote elasticity and nourishes the whole area.

Ionic Eye Massager: Compact ionic massager for the eye contour area. This device will perfectly enhance the benefits of any recommended cosmetic treatment for the eye contour, helping to improve the appearance of expression lines and signs of fatigue.

Who is this for?

All skin types. Recomended for young skin, ideal to help prevent the appearence of signs of aging.


Balancing Moisturizing Cream: Known as the fruit of longevity, Goji berry extract helps to balance the natural condition of the skin.

Ionic Eye Massager: Provides a healthy glow effect. Improves the appearance of expression lines and signs of fatigue in the eye contour.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect: Helps improve skin firmness and elasticity around the eyes.


Balancing Moisturizing Cream: Intense long-lasting moisturization. Balanced skin.

Eye Contour Soft Focus Effect: :Helps to improve the appearance of the signs of aging.

Ionic Eye Massager: A fresh relaxed appearance..