4 Units / 10ml

Slimming lipolytic body protocol

Slimming lipolytic biological body protocol that sculpts the figure, reducing the visible signs of cellulite (orange-peel skin), volume and swelling.

Innovative and effective concentrated biological formula made with 6 active ingredients that are able to block the fat storage process, mobilize accumulated fat and enhance the removal process of said fats, as well as helping to eliminate fl uids, thanks to their purifying action. These 4 key functions ensure its remodeling power to achieve a svelte body.

The secret to its efficacy lies in its advanced formula containing “fat-burning” active ingredients that act synergistically, enhancing its action to help reduce accumulated fat and fluids, and beautify the treated area.


All skin types. Slimming and purifying unisex protocol. Formulated for people wanting to prevent and treat general and localized accumulated fat on the stomach, legs and buttocks, in all its forms and degrees of development.


Helps to reduce the volume of fatty tissue, improving the visible signs of cellulite (orange-peel skin).

Purifying effect. Enhances drainage. Helps to remove fluids, styling and remodeling the figure.


The BODYSLIM LIPOREDUCING biological protocol remodels and sculpts the fi gure, for skin without accumulated fat or fluids, and visible results from the first application.


CAFFEINE: substance with a triple slimming action that activates the lipolysis (fat removal) process, blocks the fat storage process and stimulates the removal of fluids with a purifying effect.

L-CARNITINE: essential “fat-burning” enzyme for turning fatty acids into energy. A key element that encourages fat to turn into energy to be used by the body, preventing it from being stored as fat reserves.

TROXERUTIN: plant flavonoid that improves the provision of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, as well as enhancing the mobilization of accumulated ,fats.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT: extract rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. This purifying active ingredient helps to reduce fluid accumulation.

MELILOT EXTRACT: plant with many medical applications that helps to improve the discomfort and symptoms of heavy legs.

AMINO ACID COMPLEX (ARGININE, LEUCINE, VALINE AND GLUTAMINE): active ingredient that blends 4 key energizing amino acids in its formula. Advanced complex that improves the arrival of energy in the cell and acts synergistically with L-Carnitine, favoring its transport, which boosts its action.