4 Units / 10ml

Biological Slim

Professional biological body protocol that helps to tighten the body skin.

Extraordinary concentrated biological formula that helps to improve the uneven appearance of the skin caused by local or general fat accumulation.

Who is this for?

All Skin types. Unisex. Professional protocol especially formulated for local or general fat accumulation to improve the appearance of the body skin.


The skin looks tightened and smoother.

The appearance of skin imperfections improve from the first application.

Active ingredients

CAFFEINE: helps to beautify the skin making it look brighter and smoother.

L-CARNITINE: naturally found in the body, it helps improve the skin condition.

TROXERUTIN: plant flavonoid that improves the provision of nutrients on the skin.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT: extract rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals with purifying effect.

MELILOT EXTRACT: plant that helps to improve the general condition of the leg skin.

AMINO ACID COMPLEX (ARGININE, LEUCINE, VALINE AND GLUTAMINE): active ingredient that blends 4 key amino acids in its formula.