Professional Peel kit + 20 units Nova New Mask

Professional chemical peels and complementary products

CASMARA presents the Expert Dermapeels collection. Two professional chemical peel protocols with a powerful concentration of highly renewing and rejuvenating acids that guarantee extraordinary results from the first session.

And to accompany this new collection of salon peels, CASMARA has developed an exclusive kit so that professionals have everything they need to apply the protocol.

This kit contains the products and accessories needed to apply the professional peels:

Pre-Treatment Preparing Lotion. Preparing solution.

[P.S.F] Peel. Regenerating and anti-aging chemical peel.

[S.A.S] Peel. Regenerating and purifying peel.

Post-peel Neutralizing Solution. Neutralizing solution.

[H.S] Peel Booster. Double-action booster gel.

Multibenefit 7 en 1. 100% Natural Cosmetic multi-function repair balm.

Fan brushes. For simple and convenient protocol application.

Includes 2 box Nova New Mask