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Eye perfection is an advanced profesional treatment with a global rejuvenating action, carefully formulated to treat the eye contour. It treats all the signs that age the eyes, such as flaccidity, eye bags and periorbital wrinkles (crow’s feet and frown lines, etc.).

A non-irritating, highly effective revolutionary treatment that blends natural active ingredients and pioneering technologies to rejuvenate the eyes, beautifying them from the first session. An exclusive formula providing unique care and sensations, because an Eye Perfection session is not just an intense beauty and well-being session, it’s a holistic experience that also provides deep relaxation.

Who is this for?

Suitable for all skin types. Especially recommended for skin with wrinkles around the eyes and between the eyebrows, darks circles and flaccidity in the eyelid area. Also suitable for over 30s, to delay and prevent the appearance of the aforementioned signs.



Wrinkle eraser. Reduces and blurs wrinkle depth.

Lifting effect. Firming and tightening.

Anti-fatigue and brightening. Reduces darkness in the area and brightens the eyes.

Relieves with a stimulating effect that reduces swollen eye bags.


Wrinkles are softened.

Eye bags and dark circles are reduced.

Hydrated, suppler and firmer contour.

Brighter eyes, with a more wide-awake appearance.

Active ingredients

GROWTH FACTORS: powerful restoring formula made with 5 growth factors similar to those found in our embryonic stage. Advanced formula that stimulates cell activity, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

B-TECH COMPLEX: anti-eye bag and dark circle botanical complex made with 5 plant extracts used for medicinal purposes by various age-old cultures such as
China, India and South America.

RETINOL-V: highly renewing, rejuvenating technological active ingredient. Revolutionary botanical extract, derived from the seeds of the Ayurvedic Indian Babchi plant, with a similar yet more effective mode of action than retinol.