10* 0.33 fl.oz

Firming concentrated.

Intensive Firming Concentrate. Can be applied in combination with appliances.

It is a vial of concentrate firming active ingredients for the body: DERMOCHLORELLA®: it is an algae extract, Chlorella vulgaris, with a special capacity to improve the elasticity of the skin. HYDROXYPROLISILANE C N®: this active ingredient, combines organic silicon with an amino acid which has proven its efficiency as a skin renovator. AA2G®: a new concept of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid Glucoside) with a high stability in order to get maximum benefits from the well known properties of Vitamin C. It helps to prevent and improve damage by sun exposure and promotes skin’s quality.

Who is this for?

For all skin types and ages, unisex.
Suitable for helping to prevent and treat the signs of flaccidity. Especially recommended at times when the skin suffers extension or distension (pregnancy, slimming diets, etc.).




Helps to diminish the signs of flaccidity. Improve the skin elasticity, and prevention of stretch marks.

Active ingredients

DERMOCHLORELLA®: firming and elasticity.


AA2G®: (Vitamin C): promotes skin quality and strength.