Hydra Mask Kit – 2 units


2 Masks + 1 Ampoule 0. 14 fl. oz.

Rehydrating action

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Made with algae, wakame seaweed extract and other marine active ingredients.

Helps to maintain optimal moisture levels and to firm the skin.

Face mask  with the amazing hydrating and toning power of the sea thanks to active ingredients with extraordinary properties extracted from the depths of the ocean.

Cutting-edge cosmetics for beautiful skin.

Who is this for?

All skin types. Ideal for all skin types. Its formula is especially created for dehydrated skin with first wrinkles or expression lines and/or flaccidity.


ULTRA-HYDRATING. Intensely hydrates the skin.

Helps to firm the skin.

Protects the skin helping to improve the appearance of the ageing signs.


Firm and intensely rehydrated skin.