1.7 fl.oz / 50 ml

Double action booster gel

Exclusive next-generation formula that enhances and increases the effects of the previous phases due to the blend of two powerful active ingredients: shikimic acid and hyaluronic acid. Combines the long-lasting exfoliating effect of shikimic acid and the powerful restorative action of hyaluronic acid.

On one hand, it exponentially enhances the cell renewal induced by the peel; and on the other hand, it helps to immediately recover a feeling of comfort due to its moisturizing and humectant effect.


All Skin Types. * Given the combined power of the peel and this formula, this phase may be left out when treating sensitive skin.


Formula especially designed to enhance the effects of the peels applied in phase 2.


SHIKIMIC ACID 5%: a powerful natural acid that exponentially increases its exfoliating efficacy on the skin unless neutralized. A clinical trial conducted by San Gallicano Dermatological Institute demonstrates that its keratolytic efficacy at 5% is 24% higher tan that of glycolic acid at 50% when it acts on the skin over 24 hours.

HYALURONIC ACID: restores optimal skin moisture levels and rebuilds the hydrolipid layer due to its moisturizing and humectant properties. Forms a protective film that effectively prevents skin dehydration and intensely moisturizes due to its ability to attract water molecules.