0.08 fl.oz. / 2.5 ml *20 units


0.08 fl.oz. / 2.5 ml *20 units

Hydrating, emollient and refreshing.

Ampoule flash “oil free”

Water-based fast absorbing formulation, composed of a complex mixture of amino acids, hydrolyzed marine collagen and mallow extract, which provides the skin with balance and hydration, at the same time that helps to recover its natural state.


Who is it for?

All skin types.


Hydrates and balances the skin.

Refreshes instantly.


Deeply hydrated skin and fresh.

Active ingredients

Mallow extract: active of natural origin which is moisturizing and emollient. It refreshes and helps recover the natural state of your skin. It improves skin elasticity, essential to recover the skin’s proper functioning.

Marine Collagen: thanks to its triple helix structure, it has great water retention capacity that improves the balance and hydration of the skin.