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INFINITY is a unique collection with ultra-rejuvenating action that fuses neurocosmetics, genomics, epigenetics, chrono-cosmetics, wellness and regenerative cosmetics.

A new and revolutionary cosmetic concept that fights aging in a holistic way, achieving extraordinary results.

This sensory cosmetics with futuristic technology promise sensations and pampering capable of transporting you to another reality, ensuring that your skin radiates youth and beauty with an intense feeling of well-being.


Who is this for?

Professional Rejuvenating Treatment formulated for mature skin looking for intense rejuvenating facial skincare. Especially indicated to combat lack of firmness, deep wrinkles and very pronounced expression lines.


Protects DNA by preventing the shortening of telomeres.

– Multiplies the benefits of a good night’s sleep on the skin.

– Stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, the so-called “hormone of happiness”.

– Restores skin firmness and fights flaccidity.

– Softens involuntary facial contractions caused by chronic stress on the skin.

– Improves cellular processes, enhancing the repairing, regenerative and energetic abilities of the skin.


Stops the aging process, preventing the signs of aging from appearing.

• Fades dark circles and reduces eye bags. Face intensely relaxed.

• Relaxes the face and reduces wrinkles.

• Redefines the facial contour.

• Eliminates wrinkles and expression lines and prevents their appearance, in addition to providing an intense sense of well-being.

• Radiant face, intensely rejuvenated.

Active ingredients


Revolutionary active ingredient with genomic technology, capable of preventing the shortening of telomeres, determining DNA protection in the skin aging process and avoiding its degradation.
Extraordinary anti-aging active ingredient that slows down the aging process while visibly reducing the facial signs of aging.


Innovative rejuvenating active ingredient with epigenetic technology that improves the functioning of the regulatory genes of skin metabolic cycles (circadian rhythm Sleep/Wake).
During the DAY, it helps the skin restore its optimal levels of hydration and protects against oxidative damage.
During the NIGHT, it helps activate the regeneration process while repairing the damaged structures.
This active ingredient stimulates global rejuvenation.


Renewing-wellness neurocosmetic active ingredient based on the so-called youth hormone that has an intense perfecting effect on the skin, while providing an intense sense of well-being.
Melatonin performs 3 key actions that slow down aging: it regenerates damaged cells, increases their energy levels and reinforces their protective barrier. 3 key actions for good skin condition