Intensive Slimming-Firming Kit


Body sculptor 200 ml/6.76 fl.oz. + body massager

Reshape your figure in the most effective way with the exclusive combination of BODY SCULPTOR AND BODY MASSAGER.

Special INTENSIVE SLIMMING-FIRMING KIT which removes excess fat and redefines the figure, thanks to its fat-burning, draining and firming active ingredients.

The massage ROLLER boosts the action of BODY SCULPTOR and has its own benefits.


All skin types and ages.

Unisex formula.

Indicated for those people who wish to reduce volume and improve the silhouette. It is the appropriate treatment to keep in shape as well. It is recommended both to treat extensive areas of the body or localized areas.


Body Sculptor Cream

3-in-1 action: Reduces localized fat, visibly corrects orange-peel skin, prevents its appearance and firms the skin.

Drains accumulated liquids and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Treats cellulite and removes fat from inside adipocytes.

Tones as it slims, preventing skin distension while slimming the fatty tissue.


Activates the massaged area.

Boosts the slimming, draining and firming effects of Body Sculptor.


In 15 days, the silhouette is remodeled.

In 28 days, up to -40% orange-peel skin.

Contour reduced between 1.5cm and 5cm.


PHYCO R75®: Fat-burning. Stimulates the breakdown of fat and removes it from inside the cells.

ZEDOMINE®: Draining. Activates the micro-circulation and increases lymphatic drainage. Encourages fat removal.

DERMOCHLORELLA®: Firming. Encourages the global restructuring of the skin through the meshing of dermal fibers. Provides all the essential amino acids for skin structural protein synthesis.

BIOSCULPTINE®: Lipo-reducing and preventive. Inhibits the formation of new fat cells, decreases the size and percentage of fatty tissue. Furthermore, it stimulates the removal of the existing body fat.