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PERSONALIZED PROFESSIONAL FIRMING FACIAL TREATMENT IN SINGLE-DOSE PHASES COMBINED WITH THE BENEFITS OF ALGAE PEEL-OFF IONIZABLE OCEAN MIRACLE MASK 3010. High-tech next-generation face mask with firming Wakame Kelp. Recommended for helping to prevent and treat facial flaccidity.

CASMARA professional treatments are the best choice in professional cosmetics for providing specific skin care.

Who is this for?

Mature skin. Unisex facial cosmetics suitable for mature skin needing a firming effect. Also suitable for sensitive skin.


Increases skin moisture and firmness.


Firm and supple skin.

Active ingredients

HYADISINETM:natural active ingredient of marine origin.

TREHALOSE: natural sugar that helps to prevent skin damage.

JUVENESSENCE®: active ingredient derived from Alaria Esculenta algae.

FUCOGEL®: film-forming effect, similar to a high molecular weight marine hyaluronic acid.