Dermopurifying Oily Cleanser


5 fl.oz. / 150 ml

A facial cleansing gel with dermo-purifying and excess oil-correcting properties. Perfect for deeply cleansing oily skin and helping to prevent the appearance of shine and imperfections.

A formula especially created for excessively oily skin, which needs deep yet gentle cleansing. Proof of its sebaceous balance-respecting properties is that it does not form much foam; it has a gentle action but a deep cleansing effect.

An effective combination of dermo-purifying and antibacterial active ingredients: with LIPO-AMINO ACIDS, which regulate the skin ecosystem (microbiome) and prevent the spreading of germs; and SALICYLIC ACID, an exfoliant which prevents the formation of imperfections and blackheads.

A facial cleanser which regulates excess oil while calming and correcting redness, thanks to the addition of PORTULACA EXTRACT, an active ingredient with superb calming and redness-correcting properties.  As a result, skin is deeply purified, shine-free, calmed and redness-free.


All oily, combination and/or shiny skin.

Unisex formula.

Gel texture.

Avoid the eye area.


Cleansing, dermo-purifying and antiseptic action.

Prevents pimple and blackhead formation.

Regulates excess skin oil.


Cleansed and purified skin.


NATURAL SURFACTANT: a sulfate-free natural surfactant derived from glucose, which gently cleanses the skin without aggravating it.

LIPO-AMINO ACIDS: prevent the spreading of germs during sebum accumulation.

SALICYLIC ACID: a natural exfoliant which improves the cutaneous micro-relief. Acts at a superficial level. Prevents keratin accumulation, avoiding blackhead formation.

PORTULACA EXTRACT: With calming and anti-redness properties. Keeps the skin even and blemish-free.