1.7 fl.oz / 50 ml

Youth activator with renovating effect.

Unique advanced formula combining 3 acids (15% pyruvic acid, 5% succinic acid and 5% ferulic acid) in key concentrations to achieve optimum results.

Causes an exfoliation that helps promote skin renewal. Helps to improve the appearance of and prevent the signs associated with premature skin aging. Helps to soften wrinkles and expression lines as well as providing firmness. Contributes to generally improve the apperance of the skin and revitalize the skin complexion.

Who is this for?

Ideal for mature skin. Professional Peel protocol specially indicated to help improve the appearance of the signs of aging, dark spots, expression lines, lack of firmness and dull skin.


• EXFOLIATING: helps to improve the texture and skin microrelief and to refine pores.

• RENEWING: contributes to fading and improving superficial skin imperfections.

• FIRMING: helps to improve skin elasticity and firmness.

• HYDRATING: helps to maintain optimum moisture levels and forms a protective superficial film that helps prevent skin dehydration. Helps to improve the skin barrier function.

• REVITALIZING: produces a skin revitalizing effect.


The skin microrelief is softened and pores are refined.

Firmer younger-looking skin.

The skin condition is generally improved.

Active ingredients

PYRUVIC ACID: helps exfoliate without drying the skin, since it turns into lactic acid forming a protective film that helps prevent skin dehydration,

SUCCINIC ACID: helps the skin tighten and get a younger-looking effect,

FERULIC ACID: provides antioxidant properties and works to help prevent premature aging.