5 fl.oz. / 150 ml


Preparing Solution

Degreasing preparing lotion that removes accumulated grease from the skin surface, deeply cleansing it and completely removing any traces of impurities and dead cells. Ensures homogeneous peel penetration and promotes a uniform action over the entire face.

Who is this for?

All skin types.


Before applying a chemical peel it’s necessary to remove or reduce any grease on the skin surface, in order to increase acid penetration and ensure an even action over the entire face.

Active ingredients

NATURCLEAN: natural non-ionic active ingredient derived from sugar. Effectively removes accumulated dirt from the face, ensuring an effective yet gentle cleanse that fully respects the natural balance of the skin.

ALCOHOL:  Sanitizing and degreasing effect. Completely removes acumulated dirt and grease from the skin effectively sanitizing it.

 THREALOSE:  Natural disaccharide with a moisturizing and protective action at celular level. Helps the skin to maintain its optimal moisture level, increasing its water  content and forming a film that allows moisture to be retained for longer time also effectively protects cellular membrana structures.