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Recovery & Nourishing

Q10 RESCUE is a revolutionary collection with an restorative action that provides intense nourishment.

An extraordinary cosmetic formula inspired by radiofrequency with smart geolocation technology and natural active ingredients. Acts exactly where needed to help revitalize and restore the skin.

Q10 RESCUE provides the skin with an intense feeling of comfort and helps restore the balance impaired by aging

Who is this for?

Professional treatment specially formulated to help revitalize very mature skin (+60) or as a complementary treatment for mature skin (+45), malnourished, dry, devitalized and/or dull skin showing or starting to show the imbalances typical of menopause, pre- or post-menopause.


Vitalizing and nourishing.


NOURISHED AND PLUMP SKIN with an intense feeling of comfort.

RADIANT COMPLEXION. Skin tone shows a more even appearance.

Visibly younger-looking skin.

Application phase

Q10 GPS: microencapsulated Q10 system and high technology that helps treat the signs of ageing and revitalizes the skin.

TSUBAKI OIL: rich oil extracted from Tsubaki seeds, a botanical species endemic to Japan. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has powerful nutritional properties.

ARGAN OIL: from southern Morocco with a high nutritional value. Helps renew the skin and to combat the signs of aging during night-time rest,

MACADAMIA OIL: exquisite nourishing oil from Australia and Indonesia known for being a rich source of antioxidants,

CHRONO BALANCE: smart hydrating active ingredient, increasing moisturizing and promoting the skin natural restorative process at night.

NEW YOUTH: restorative and balancing active ingredient specially helpful with age and menopause.