Recovery Hand Cream


1.7 fl.oz. /50 ml

Recovering Hand Cream

Anti-pollution and anti-aging restoring hand treatment. Global Age System – 95% natural. A revolutionary anti-aging and anti-pollution formula which restores and protects, improving the appearance of signs of aging and preventing photo-aging.

Who is this for?

All skin types


Recovery hand cream: Helps to correct and protect against the effects of photo-aging and fades dark age spots. Strengthens the protective skin barrier, creating a protective shield against the 3 main types of contamination (air pollution, blue light and chemical agents). Intensely restores and helps to speed up the skin’s natural renewal process. Hydrates and nourishes with a non-greasy, rapidly absorbed texture


Recovery hand cream: Skin is protected against pollution and photo-aging. Skin is deeply restored and hydrated. Signs of aging and imperfections are instantly softened. Even tone and velvety skin. Soft, silky hands