1.7 fl.oz / 50 ml

Purifying and regenerating action

CASMARA has created a unique advanced formula combining 3 acids in key concentrations to achieve extraordinary results.

A combination of acids which, in addition to their general EXFOLIATING, RENEWING, REJUVENATING and REGENERATING actions, have specific special characteristics that improve the results and enhance the power of the formula when combined.

Recommended to remove imperfections and purify the skin, refine blocked and dilated pores, balance excess shine and sebaceous secretion, as well as improving and preventing the signs of aging.


All skin types. Young, male, unbalanced or asphyxiated skin.


Purifying and regenerating.

It intensely cleanses and exfoliates, purifying, detoxifying and regulating sebaceous secretion if there is an imbalance.

It softens wrinkles and marks, improving the skin micro-relief and evening the tone.


10% SHIKIMIC ACID: Innovative acid with a powerful exfoliating action which, in low concentrations, can produce a much more powerful keratolytic effect than glycolic acid in high concentrations. In addition to the general actions, it normalizes microbiome imbalances that cause the appearance of imperfections and is a POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT that neutralizes free radicals, protecting the skin from cell damage and preventing PREMATURE AGING.

12% AZELAIC ACID: A dicarboxylic acid characterized by its COMEDOLYTIC PROPERTIES that reduces sebum production and normalizes alterations in the skin microbiome. It balances the skin and stimulates its correct function, preventing the appearance of signs of aging. Also it promotes MELANOGENESIS INHIBITION, thus fading the color of dark spots and marks in acne-prone skin, helping to even the tone.

2% SALICYLIC ACID: A liposoluble ß-hydroxy acid with a DETOXIFYING ACTION. It mixes with the skin’s surface oils and sebaceous material stuck in the follicles, causingexfoliation and peeling inside the pores and in oily areas, producing a significant BALANCING EFFECT. It reduces the spread of microorganisms that lead to the appearance of blackheads. Very effective for treating oily and/or acne-prone skin.