1.7 fl.oz / 50 ml

Purifying & restoring.

Unique advanced formula combining 3 acids in key concentrations (10% shikimic acid, 12% azelaic acid, 2% salicylic acid) to achieve optimum results.

Produces an exfoliation helping promote natural skin renewal. Its purifying action helps to remove skin impurities and improve the appearance of the skin imperfections, resulting in an overall improvement in the condition of the skin.

On one hand, it intensely cleanses and exfoliates, purifying and helping balance the skin. On the other, it helps to improve the skin micro-relief.

Who is this for?

All skin types. Ideally young. Unisex. Professional Peel protocol specially recommended for excessively shiny or oily, unbalanced skin aiming to improve the appearance of skin imperfections.


• EXFOLIATING: helps to improve the texture, micro-relief and to refine dilated pores.

• RENEWING: contributes to improving superficial skin imperfections.

• BALANCING EFFECT: acts on oily areas, helping to normalize excess sebum. Mattifies the skin and helps to remove shine.

• PURIFYING: provides a deep pore cleansing effect.


The skin imperfections are softened.

Pores show refined.

Mattified shine-free complexion.

The skin shows more beautiful and radiant.

Active ingredients

SHIKIMIC ACID: powerful exfoliating action with keratolytic effect. It helps normalize the skin surface imbalances that cause the appearance of imperfections.

AZELAIC ACID: helps balance the excess oil preventing the appearance of imperfections and signs of aging.

SALICYLIC ACID: mixes with the skin’s surface oils causing exfoliation and peeling inside the pores and in oily areas, producing a balancing effect.