1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml

Revitalizing Hydrating cream

Sensations Hydro Revitalizing Cream

Hydrating and revitalizing cream with a unique texture combining the richness of a cream and the freshness of a gel. It’s formulated with high-penetration bioavailable vitamins (A+C+E), enhanced by trace elements, minerals and sublime camellia oil.

Its powerful anti-aging formula intensely revitalizes the skin, providing radiance, plumpness and vitality for a glowing, protected complexion. A multi-action cream that softens the signs of facial aging while improving cell metabolism to prevent photoaging.

Its global anti-aging action provides intense hydration which
revitalizes the skin, leaving it radiant and full of life from
the first application.

Who is this for?

Normal to combination skin.

Unisex formula, suitable for mature skin. Recommended for devitalized skin, especially skin lacking radiance and requiring an immediate vitality boost. Recommended even for sensitive skin.


Innovative multi-vitamin and mineral-rich formula. Immediate boost of vitality. Similiar effect to Vitamin Mesotherapy.


Smooth and soft skin with visibly reduced wrinkles and expression lines.

Active ingredients

Bioavailable vitamin complex (A+C+E): Revitalizing 7 Trace elements and minerals: Advanced multi-effect antioxidant, firming and moisturizing active ingredient made with the most essential elements: calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and potassium. Camellia oil: This oil and is extracted from camellia seeds, a flower native to Jeju Island (Korea).