Shine Control Sebum Regulating Gel


1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml


A sebaceous secretion normalizing and regulating gel. Especially suitable for oily and acne tendency

Formulated with intelligent liposomal active ingredients which selectively regulate and balance oil production. A specific treatment which provides a detoxified, purified and healthy face.

Selective Sebum Regulating Gel is an oil-free treatment facial gel which intelligently regulates sebum secretion, acting only on the areas of your skin that need it.

With AZELAIC ACID, a moisturizing and sebum-regulating active ingredient which works on hair follicle hyperkeratinization and inflammation, while its antibacterial action prevents the appearance of imperfections.

A solution which treats sebaceous sebum disorders, together with excessive keratin formation, disorders which cause the appearance of dilated pores, blackheads and pustules, which can result in acne processes.

An intelligent cosmetic for oily and/or excessively shiny skin, an innovative combination of active ingredients which acts deeply at different skin levels.

As a result, skin is balanced, matte, healthy and imperfection-free.