3.4 fl.oz / 100 ml

Neck & Decollete

Firming cream with SMART LIFT technology that acts with a lifting effect. Contains a high concentration of active ingredients designed to help recover and maintain the radiance of the skin of the neck, bust and decolleté. Firming and hydro-nourishing effects that help to promote skin elasticity and hydration for a visibly younger looking appearance.

Who is this for?

All Skin Types. Unisex. Treatment cream to help improve the appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity in the delicate skin of the neck & décolletage. Essential formula over 35 years of age, as it acts by helping prevent the signs associated with aging.


Helps to achieve a more youthful appearance on the skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity.

Lifting effect. Helps to promote neck, bust and décolletage elasticity, helping to keep the skin firm and plump.

Helps to soften wrinkles and to prevent the signs associated with aging in these areas, providing providing optimum nutrition and moisture.


Firmer, suppler looking skin.

Plumper, redensified looking skin.

Skin shows hydrated skin.

Active ingredients

3D TENSOR: active ingredient with a lifting effect, resulting in firmer looking skin. Its action helps to reduce the appearance of neck wrinkles. Also helps to even the tone.

BIOLOGICAL NECTAR: biological nectar extracted from the Australian Kangaroo Paw flower with a firming effect, while helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

MATRIX-T: extract with a triple firming action extracted from jojoba. Tightening effect

HYDRA+: long-lasting smart moisturizer. Multi-action active ingredient combining 3 advanced actions to help redensify and to keep the skin plump.