Challenge the laws of time with


Revolutionary facial rejuvenation treatment

Youth activator

The CASMARA Research Center has defied the laws of time by fusing into a facial rejuvenation treatment all the latest medical-scientific advances, in a collection of intelligent cosmetics with ultra-rejuvenating action—acting directly on DNA (genome cosmetics), the expression of genes (epigenetics cosmetics), the nervous system (neurocosmetics) and circadian rhythms (chrono-cosmetics), thus helping fight aging from the very beginning in an extremely effective way.
A new revolutionary ultra-rejuvenating action of intelligent cosmetics concept that reverses the signs of aging in a holistic way with extraordinary results.
This sensory professional cosmetics with futuristic technology promise sensations and pampering capable of transporting you to another reality, ensuring that your skin radiates youth and beauty with an intense feeling of well-being.


The skin is connected to the NERVOUS SYSTEM from the start, as they are both created in the same embryonic layer. It has an infinity of nerve endings that send signals to the brain via neurotransmitters, to which the brain responds. NEUROCOSMETICS act on the nervous system, counterbalancing negative stimuli to prevent the appearance of the global signs of aging.


Genetic information (DNA) determines how our skin ages, but as time passes, and due to external factors, this information becomes damaged, accelerating the appearance of the signs of aging. GENOMIC COSMETICS protect the DNA and prevent those damages, keeping the skin younger for longer.


Epigenetics has proven that the action of our genes is closely linked to the appearance of our skin, as the activation and regulation of processes key to keeping it in perfect condition depend on it. For this reason, EPIGENETIC COSMETICS act on the genes to make them work like they do in young skin, prolonging its youth.