Recovery Lip Balm


0.4 fl.oz./ 12ml

Lip Balm

Recovery lip balm: Anti-pollution, anti-aging restoring lip treatment with a hint of color. Global Age System – 97% natural. An instant multifunctional lip perfecter with a subtle hint of Rose Gold color, which intensely restores, plumps, creates a protective urban shield and prevents signs of aging, restoring their youthful beauty.

Who is this for?

All skin types.


Recovery lip balm: Softens, intensely restores and helps to speed up the skin’s natural renewal process. Instantly perfects, enhances and beautifies the lips. Anti-pollution and antioxidant action which strengthens the protective skin barrier, creating a protective shield against the 3 main types of contamination (air pollution, blue light and chemical agents). Immediately hydrates and nourishes with its enriched texture, with a long-lasting effect. Instantly plumps.


Recovery lip balm: Lips are protected against pollution and photo-aging. Lips are deeply restored and hydrated. Intense feeling of comfort/well-being. Visibly rejuvenated, plumper and fuller lips.