50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.

Infinity Cream

Youth-activating cream with edelweiss, Persian silk tree, white truffle and sublime cherry blossom fragrance.

Innovative formula with extraordinary sensory properties combining the latest active ingredients with advanced technologies for younger-looking skin.

Who is this for?

Mature skin seeking an intense youth activator treatment. Especially indicated to help improve the appearance of the lack of firmness and signs of aging.


– Firms and helps to combat flaccidity.

– Helps to reduce neck flaccidity.

– Helps to combat the appearance of the signs of eye contour fatigue.

– Perfecting effect.


– Provides a firming effect on the face and neck. Helps to reduce the appearance of neck flaccidity.

– Improves the appearance of the eye contour.

– Provides an intense feeling of well-being.

Active ingredients

EDELWEISS: flower native to the Pyrenees, Alps and Himalayas, rich in leontopodic acid with firming properties and surprising results. Helps to prevent the effects of aging skin and restore its firmness.

PERSIAN SILK TREE EXTRACT: helps to restore the good condition of the skin and to improve the appearance of the signs of fatigue in the eye contour.

WHITE TRUFFLE: age-old fungus with revolutionary properties that improves the appearance of the skin, leaving it looking radiant.

CHERRY BLOSSOM AROMA: sublime fragrance that provides with all the benefits of aromatherapy. Its fragrance provides a pleasant sensation of physical and mental well-being, helping to achieve a state of perfect relaxation.